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Denim is the backbone of our wardrobes. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s probably the only clothing item we refuse to let go of. While denim truly never go out of style, there are certain nuances that gain steam during one season versus another.

So, what are the denim styles to know for 2019? After a little investigating, we got the inside scoop on men’s and women’s denim fashion for the new year. We also show you how you can incorporate your apple watch into every denim outfit you rock this new year.

Men's Denim

Double Denim

Double denim is not the easiest trend to pull off, but get it right and you’re looking at a huge pay off. It’s the menswear equivalent of a handstand press-up; only the professionals can do it.

The majority of your efforts should be focused on ensuring both denims are visibly different. Similarly, if wearing two blue washes, break things up with a white tee or grey sweatshirt.



Distressed Denim

We have some distressing news (at least for the purists): the distressed trend is sticking around for another year. However, when handled with due respect, it doesn’t have to look like a case of too much money, not enough taste.

Assuming you don’t want to look like Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler circa 1984, avoid well-ventilated examples that are more holes than jeans. Keep everything else simple and balance them out with smart-casual pieces up top.



Nineties Denim

You’d have to have been living under a soundproof rock not to notice that the nineties are all over men’s wardrobes right now. And denim is where the decade is enjoying its second wind most enthusiastically.

Nineties denim jeans feel most at home with colour-block staples like sweatshirts and hoodies, with dark shoes thrown in to add a little visual weight to your bottom half.



Denim With Turn-Ups

Jeansmakers have been changing tack in recent seasons, introducing cropped styles that give a leg-up to what’s below. Now though, after several years of pinrolled jeans, menswear’s best-dressed are turning to the turn-up en masse.

Turn-ups work best on rigid denim that will more easily retain folds. Try it with a pair of indigo selvedge jeans before finishing with rugged worker or Chelsea boots when it's cold, then sneakers when your ankles can handle the breeze.



Women's Denim

Acid Wash

This season's big comeback story is plucked straight from the eighties. Brands like Miu Miu and Stella McCartney are cosigning the return of the acid wash. And quite frankly, we could be swayed to incorporate the washed-out style into our wardrobes. The 2019 take is considerably more toned down than you might remember it, and it'll pair quite nicely with autumn knits.




Sometimes it's just a little twist on a classic that can get us all giddy about wearing jeans. The ribbons feel very fresh and springy.




Pintucks down the center leg is such a nice detail in denim as it really slims and elongates the leg. Some designers finish them with little ankle slits and keep the wash clean and dark. The result is a jean that feels special but one that you can wear every day.



Embroidered Denim

Designers are always adding a feminine spin on denim classics. One favorite is embroidered denim. The result feels like something truly special, but the vintage wash keeps it feeling a bit tomboy.



Low-Slung Straight Jeans

While people still love wearing high-rise denim, there is something really interesting about denim that sits a bit lower (just above your hip bone) with a classic straight leg. We're not talking the type of super-low-rise skinnies from the past that you have to buy special underwear for; this is more low-slung than low-rise.

Low-slung denim feels more modern and is very flattering as it kind of just sits on your hips and has a bit of ease to the fit. It feels effortless and relaxed, like the type of jeans you could wear all day no matter what you're doing.



Denim Apple Watch Band

To complete any outfit, your accessories need to be complementary. It's easy to accidentally clash your accessories with your outfit, and denim is no different.

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