Elastic Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide

Welcome to the official elastic apple watch band sizing guide. This guide will help you determine the perfect band size for your wrist.

The first step is to measure your wrist circumference in inches. There are two different ways to measure your wrist circumference. We explain both here! Most wrist circumferences fall between six and eight inches.

The second step is to compare your wrist circumference measurement with the Braxley Bands band size reference. This band size guide can be found on this page, and on every product page of the Braxley Bands Shop.

Measure Your Wrist Circumference

Measuring Tape Method

Find soft measuring tape to wrap around your wrist. Wrapt it tightly and straight, and make sure there is no gap or slack in the measuring tape. Mark the tape where the tape starts to overlap. This is your wrist circumference.


String and Ruler Method

If you don't have measuring tape, but you have a ruler, this method is for you.

Find a string to wrap around your wrist tightly with no gap or slack in the string. Cut or mark the string where they begin to overlap.

Place this string along a ruler. The mark or cut you made on the string is your wrist circumference.



Compare Your Wrist Circumference to The Size Reference

What size elastic apple watch band do you need?

  • 6 in. wrist — SMALL

  • 6.5 in. wrist — MEDIUM

  • 7 in. wrist — LARGE

If you are in between sizes, please choose the smaller one. This will ensure the best fit!

If for some reason you didn't order the correct watch band size, visit our customer support page to learn more about our returns and exchange process.