Our First Ever Elastic Apple Watch Band

Believe it or not, my partner and I actually designed one of the first ever elastic apple watch bands. I know, pretty impressive. We had the idea in 2017, and one year later, this idea lead to us shipping elastic apple watch bands all over the world!

This is the story of how our first elastic apple watch band was created.

Other Apple Watch Bands Were Not Comfortable

It all started with my first apple watch purchase. After buying one, I wore the stock watch band for about a week before looking to purchase an aftermarket band. The stock band was stiff, uncomfortable and honestly didn't look that great.

I started the hunt for a new watch band. I tried a leather apple watch band, a metal band, plastic band and even a wood band. They were all pretty cool, but none of them had the level of comfort I was expecting.

The bands I was trying were also sometimes hard to take on and off. This quickly became a hassle. I needed comfortable watch band!

Our First Elastic Apple Watch Band Was Created

One day, I was changing out my watch band and my gaze fell on one of my socks. I thought, "What if there was an apple watch band made out of that sock material?". Weird question, I know, but tube socks are super comfortable, and I wanted a comfortable apple watch band!

Thankfully the sock had a sweet design, so I decided to use the sock to make my own apple watch band. After a little cutting and a lot of stitching, I was able to fasten a watch adapter to the sock using my grandmother's sewing machine. Success, I created a working prototype.

Even though I was a complete novice at design, stitching, etc., it was the most comfortable band I had ever worn. It wasn't too tight or loose, it was stretchy and super light weight. Sometimes I forgot I was even wearing an apple watch band.

Behold, our first ever watch band:



The Market Reacted

I proudly wore my watch band around campus, and it didn't take long for people to notice. People kept saying, "Yo, that apple watch band is sick! Where did you get that?" They were always surprised to find out that I made it, and couldn't believe no one was currently selling elastic apple watch bands!

My friends and classmates started asking me to make them one, so I did. Eventually, I got really good at it and started selling individual units. Referrals kept pouring in and business began to snowball! Over the next year, my partner and I worked like crazy to produce the highest quality elastic apple watch bands for our customers. The rest is history.

Today, our store carries 12 different designs and colors of bands, and we are shipping our bands all over the world!