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Belt Bag

The Belt Bag is the most versatile fanny pack ever made. The Belt and Bag work perfectly on their own, but when combined, it becomes a customizable daily bag perfect for anywhere life brings you. With 4 bag colors and 6 belt colors, you can create your own look out of 24 unique combinations.

Whether you like bright funky prints or the classic solids - there is one for everybody!

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Free Apple Watch Band With Belt Bag

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Meet the Belt Bag, your new fashionable friend, always ready to help you stand out. And it didn't come alone – it brought a free Apple Watch Band to join your style squad!

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Versatile and Fun

The perfect everyday accessory for any adventure.

Stash Your Essentials

The Stash Bag will hold all your daily essentials, safe and secure.

Wonder Belt's Wonderful Fit

You'll forget you're wearing the super comfortable Wonder Belt!

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the coolest accessory you'll ever own

I have been an avid fanny pack fan for a while now and I'm not kidding when I say that this is one of the nicest bags I've ever come across. You can tell it was made with all premium materials and the attention to detail is awesome.

Bethanie M.

Verified Buyer

These are truly game-changing. The belt is insanely comfortable to wear, especially in the car, and the bag was really useful to keep everything in one place while at the gym or on the move.

Matt W.

Verified Buyer

I love it and i'm officially hooked! Between using it as a fanny pack and as a clutch I couldn't imagine using another bag. I never even have to take my stuff out!

Pam M.

Verified Buyer

"The Stash Bag"

shields you from your phone's harmful "emf" radiation

Electromagnetic Fields are continuously produced by electronic devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers. EMFs are known to cause short-term and long-term health risks.

Because of the copper lining's conductivity, most of the EMF is blocked before it can be absorbed by your body.

copper faraday fabric

Shields you from harmful EMF exposure

water-resistant lycra

Soft and durable, it will hold up in any conditions

4-way stretch

Lets you store way more than you thought

hands-free clutch

Attached elastic bracelet keeps your hands free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with your any of our products? Our team is always ready to assist you with quick and accurate answers. Shoot us an email at anytime!

Can this bag double as a hat?

Now, we love a multi-use product as much as the next person, but as a hat? Our Belt Bag might not be up to that particular challenge. Unless you're considering starting a fashion revolution – Belt Bags as Fedoras? – we recommend you keep this reliable companion around your waist. After all, we wouldn't want to spoil your perfect hairdo, would we?

Is the wonder belt made of unicorn fur?

While we appreciate the magic and mystique of unicorn fur, we're afraid it's a bit hard to come by. Our Wonder Belt, however, is made of our remarkable 100% recycled RELASTIC™ webbing, which some say is just as magical. It’s environmentally friendly, super comfortable, and, unlike unicorn fur, it’s entirely mythical-creature-harm-free.

Does the stash bag come with secret compartments?

As for secret compartments, we can neither confirm nor deny their existence. After all, they wouldn't be very secret if we told you, now would they? But let's just say that the Stash Bag is aptly named and leave it at that.

How many items can fit in this bag?

Let's see, you can fit a phone, wallet, passport, keys, and snacks in there. But please note, there's no space for a kitchen sink. We had to draw the line somewhere. On a serious note, the bag holds up to 1 liter – It might not seem like a ton, but, it's like the surprisingly roomy glove compartment of your car but for accommodating for your daily essentials.

Does wearing the Belt Bag give me superpowers!?

Well, it won't exactly let you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but the superpower of style? Absolutely! The power of always knowing where your keys are? Definitely! And let's not forget the power of hands-free convenience, which is a real superhero perk if you ask us.

who is braxley?

We are two brothers from Austin, TX creating super comfortable, functional, and utterly stylish products that are full of personality. Our goal is to make pieces that are conversation starters.

Our first invention in 2016 was an Apple Watch Band made out of a sock for a class project at Texas Tech University. With this sock-watchband invention, we chased our dreams of becoming impactful entrepreneurs.

We put meticulous attention to detail in everything we design. Inspiring the wearer to see the world differently. To see themselves full of possibility and float through life with ease and passion.

Thank you for equipping yourself with our products. They are of the highest quality and are sure to last a lifetime. More importantly, thank you for allowing us to live our dream. We hope to help you achieve yours too.

- Braxton and Zach Manley

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