this is the greatest bag ever invented.
here's why:

Use the StashBag™ solo as a daily clutch for your essentials.

Use the WonderBelt™ solo to give any pants an elastic waistband.

Together, they become the innovative and customizable Belt Bag you didn't know you needed.

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Expected delivery date - April 7

"The StashBag"

shields you from your phone's harmful "emf" radiation.

Electromagnetic Fields are continuously produced by electronic devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers. EMFs are known to cause short-term and long-term health risks.

Because of the copper lining's conductivity, most of the EMF is blocked before it can be absorbed by your body.

copper faraday

Shields you from harmful EMF exposure.


Soft yet durable, it will hold up in any conditions.


Lets you store way

more than you thought


Attached elastic bracelet

keeps your hands free

give any pair of pants an elastic waistband.

Or use it as an interchangeable strap for the Bag!

"The WonderBelt"

premium magnetic aluminum buckle

We call it a "fidget buckle" because it's so satisfying to click.

Stretchy and durable elastic waistband

Turn any pants into an elastic waistband.

infinitely adjustable from 20-40 inches

Always the perfect length

Reserve your Belt Bag

Free shipping on all orders
Expected delivery date - April 7

elastic strap

Stays comfy all day long

magnetic buckle

Insanely high quality (and fun)

here's what our product testers are saying:

We've been perfecting the Belt Bag for over 2 years!

the first of its kind.

Madeline M.

i love it.

Pam M.

insanely comfortable!

Matt W.

are you ready to elevate your experience?

Belt Bag



By combining the WonderBelt™ and StashBag™ you can create a fanny pack that's perfect for any occasion.

Loops on the back of the bag allow you to switch up your style whenever you want. By taking the belt off of the bag you are able to use them separately. 

Why settle for one style when you can have them all?

Faraday Bag



Wonder Belt



who is braxley?

We are two brothers from Austin, TX creating super comfortable, functional, and utterly stylish products that are full of personality. Our pieces are conversation starters.

Our first invention in 2017 was an Apple Watch Band made out of a sock for a class project at Texas Tech. With this sock-watchband invention, we chased our dreams of becoming impactful entrepreneurs.

We put meticulous attention to detail in everything we design. Inspiring the wearer to see the world differently. To see themselves full of possibility and float through life with ease and passion.

Thank you for equipping yourself with our products. They are of the highest quality and are sure to last a lifetime. More importantly, thank you for allowing us to live our dream. We will help you achieve yours too.

- Braxton and Zach Manley

Tag us on your story @braxley and we will repost you to the rest of the band

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