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Buckles are for chumps. That’s why Braxley Bands are buckle-free — just stretch ‘em over your hand and slide onto your wrist for a snug, secure fit. They’re made of comfy fabric that breaks in like your favorite jeans. Wow. How’d we do that?

Invented by a couple of active yet also lazy students who made sure these things were durable, machine-washable, and easy to pull off in the gym, the office, and the after-party.

    • Made With Innovative ELSTC™ Elastic — Just like your activewear, our awesome watch bands can handle the washing machine
    • Lightweight & Breathable — Literally you can do anything in these
    • Seriously Comfortable — … Why would you wear anything else?
    • Rose Gold Stainless Steel Adapters — Slides on easy & holds on tight
    • 100% Woven Polyester — The most versatile material in the universe
    • 1 Inch Wide  Just the right width for your Apple Watch
    • Machine-Washable — So wildly convenient, we had to say it twice
    • Designed in Austin, Texas  It was only intended to be for a class project... but somehow we ended up here