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Vertigo  $32

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"best band ever"

It's Stretchy!

Just like activewear, our bands move, flex, and stretch with you. Your band will get softer every time you put it on (That is, if you ever take it off.)

It's Washable!

We know you'll want to wear this everyday & everywhere so you better wash it from time to time. Just throw it in with the rest of your laundry and let it air dry.

It's so legit!

Just stretch ‘em over your hand and slide onto your wrist for a snug, secure fit. They’re made from ethically sourced and top quality materials.


Description +

What's black and white and can be worn all over...? This classic band has been around for a while now. It's been a best seller since we launched our company in 2017 and It's easy to see why.


It features black and white stripes with black hardware.

Details +

100% woven polyester

Aircraft grade stainless steel

designed in austin, texas

Easy returns and exchanges

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