In Spring 2017, we started Braxley as a school project making Apple Watch bands out of socks.

It has since gotten out of hand... and on 250,000+ wrists!

We used a unique woven elastic material that could be easily stretched over the wrist while keeping a secure fit. When we made a pretty solid B+ on the project, we realized these bands were obviously our ticket to success. That's when we borrowed Braxton's grandmother's retro sewing machine and started hand-making bands in the hopes that we would never have to get real jobs after graduation.

After receiving an innovation award from Texas Tech, we launched our business in 2017.

In Summer 2018 we managed to graduate and began building Braxley Bands full time.

In Spring 2019 we pitched Mark Cuban at SXSW and gave him a band. Some say he hasn't taken it off to this day.

After that, we partnered with Trees For The Future to build Forest Gardens and to provide funding to plant a fruit tree with every band sold.

Today, we are more passionate than ever about this little project and are pretty much living our dreams. We are prototyping some pretty cool new products so we hope you'll stick around to see where we take this thing. Our sights are set on selling enough bands to acquire Apple and then pivoting the entire corporation to exclusively sell U2 merchandise.

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These are more than just watch bands. They are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Sport your band at the gym or rock it on a night out and always remember to Live Flexibly.

Enjoy your bands!

Braxton Manley and Zach Manley 

Brothers and the only 2 people who actually work here.