this all started as a
class project...


The assignment: to develop a business concept that could be started on a student budget. Our idea was simply "really cool Apple Watch bands" because at the time there were not options for people who like to jazz it up at little bit. *Cue 70's funk music"

With the help of a stretchy, sock-like material and Nana's retro sewing machine, Braxley Bands were born. And thanks to an innovation award from our university (thanks Texas Tech!), we launched our business in 2017.

Today, we're still going strong with new styles every season, planting a tree with every band sold (50,000+ so far, no big deal.) and just generally living the dream.


Fast forward 3 years later, we’ve now sold over 50,000 Braxley Bands (And donated thousands of trees!) But we are just getting started.

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These are more than just watch bands. They are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Sport your band at the gym or rock it on a night out and always remember to live with originality. THE AMERICAN DREAM IS ALIVE. 

Enjoy your band(s)! 

Braxton Manley / Grant Andrews 
@braxtonmanley @grantandrews



the perfect
apple watch band

We designed Braxley Bands with three things in mind: comfort, quality, and style. In addition to being flexible, the bands are also machine washable and moisture wicking.

Braxley Bands are tremendously versatile. They can meet the rigorous training requirements of top athletes and outdoor adventurers while still looking good with any outfit, in any environment.