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The Belt Bag is the most versatile fanny pack ever made. The Belt and Bag work perfectly on their own, but when combined, it becomes a customizable daily bag perfect for anywhere life brings you. With 4 bag colors and 6 belt colors, you can create your own look out of 24 unique combinations


The Stash Bag is your everyday carry companion. Made from water-resistant LYCRA™, it's perfect for your phone, wallet, passport, keys, snacks, and more. Lined with copper, it blocks RFID and harmful EMF radiation from your phone by up to 99%. The RELASTIC™ bracelet zipper pull lets you use it as a hands-free clutch. The bag holds 1 liter and measures 8 x 6 x 1 inches.


The Wonder Belt is easily the most comfortable belt ever made. This belt will quickly become your go-to for any outfit. The strap is made from our innovative 100% recycled RELASTIC™ webbing. The buckle is made from incredibly lightweight aluminum and features a magnetic click.

key features

It's Washable!

The Belt Bag is meant to be your everyday companion. Comfortably get it dirty knowing that everything will wash right out!

It's Stretchy!

We designed the Wonder Belt with sports in mind. It adapts to your waist and stays super secure.

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"The Stash Bag"

shields you from your phone's harmful "emf" radiation

Electromagnetic Fields are continuously produced by electronic devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers. EMFs are known to cause short-term and long-term health risks.

Because of the copper lining's conductivity, most of the EMF is blocked before it can be absorbed by your body.

copper faraday fabric

Shields you from harmful EMF exposure

water-resistant lycra

Soft and durable, it will hold up in any conditions

4-way stretch

Lets you store way more than you thought

hands-free clutch

Attached elastic bracelet keeps your hands free

"The Wonder Belt"

Give any pair of pants an elastic waistband

Or use it as an interchangeable strap for the Bag!

premium magnetic
aluminum buckle

Super secure & satisfying to click

stretchy and durable

Lightweight and breathable too

infinitely adjustable

It's always the
perfect length

Wear it 2 ways

Find A Different Color