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Revolver Rush
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why we love it
  • Anti-stink washable elastic
  • Sweat-locking fabric
  • All stretch and no scratch
  • No more watch drops, ever.
  • Always the perfect size
  • Barely-there feeling
  • Made with 2 recycled bottles
  • Fits all Apple Watch™ sizes and series
Bundle Contains:
Key Features

It's Washable!

We want to keep your wrist feeling fresh and looking cool. If our bands ever get dirty, just throw them in the wash!

It's Stretchy!

Braxley Bands are sure to stay comfy and snug. From intense training to a casual night out - this will be your favorite new watch band.

It's so legit!

Made from our custom elastic and stainless steel adapters - we have been perfecting the Apple Watch Band for the last 7 years, nobody does it like we do.

Return Policy

like sweatpants for your apple watch
like sweatpants for your apple watch

Made from innovative RELASTIC™ fabric, our bands are silky, flexible & breathable.

your band is just as important as your watch
your band is just as important as your watch

Machine Washable

Lightweight Cooling Fabric

Gentle, Snug Fit

Stainless Steel Hardware

Sustainably Made



  • Adry
    Verified Buyer


    Braxley coastal band

    I love the adjustable band and the color

  • mrspeters504
    Verified Buyer


    Smiley Face

    I LOVE my Smiley Face Braxley iPhone band. It makes me hApPy!!😊

    Reviewed for: Smiles
  • Brian O
    Verified Buyer


    Vertigo Review

    I recently purchased a few bands after seeing a few ads. The bands are great! They are very comfortable and great for my workouts. I would recommend them to anyone with an Apple Watch.

    Reviewed for: Vertigo
  • Lisa
    Verified Buyer


    Grandson Loves It!

    I bought two Apple watch bands for my grandson's 12th birthday. He is tall and thin so I was hopeful the bands would work for him. They are perfect and he loves them! The band adjusts to fit his wrist and there is no sliding up and down, and no flipping or turning on his wrist. The fabric is strong, durable and can be washed. Now his mom wants a Braxley band as well!

    Reviewed for: Snow Camo
  • Rachel F
    Verified Buyer


    So comfortable!!

    I work in a vet clinic and one of the frequent complaints I have about watch bands is they're uncomfortable and not easy to clean. These are SO comfortable and flexible and the machine washing option cannot be beat. So far I have had to wash 2 and they both came out totally clean and stretchy as ever.

    Reviewed for: Sterling
  • Marco L
    Verified Buyer


    Love my Bradley Band

    Most comfortable band for my Ultra I have tried yet. Really love it. Will be purchasing more of them.

    Reviewed for: Smiles
  • Gigi
    Verified Buyer



    I've been looking for a new sterling band, but thought a metal one would be uncomfortable since I sleep with it on for my alarm and sleep app. This is perfect! Soft, but looks like sterling. I don't have to fuss putting it on like my silicone band, and it's not too tight or too loose. Very happy with my Braxley Band.

    Reviewed for: Sterling
  • Sarah W
    Verified Buyer


    Nice change

    This band is a fun and comfortable change for my watch! It is just as described and looks nice. I will definitely be buying more!

    Reviewed for: Mandala
  • Lisa J
    Verified Buyer


    Love the Smiles :) but...

    ...the black bleeds into the yellow and looks terrible. I wore it 4-6 times and I haven't even washed it yet! I have contacted Braxley about this 2x and haven't heard back yet. <insert sad face here> I really like the look and feel of the band tho. I may order a different one, all dark colors tho.

    Reviewed for: Smiles
  • Stacey
    Verified Buyer


    Comfort Beyond Expectations.

    I can't say enough. Braxley Bands are the most comfortable watch bands around! No rub, no rash, it just fits. That's it! It fits. Oh, and they're dang good looking 👀 too! Thanks guys for making a fantastic band. They also wash like a dream. Come ON!

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