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why we love it

Wrap your wrist in the 'Merlot' band and carry the elegance of a velvety, rich wine hue with you, adding a touch of refined style to any outfit.

  • Always the perfect size
  • Machine washable elastic
  • Weightless feeling fit
  • Slim & sleek profile
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Made with premium recycled materials
  • Fits all Apple Watch™ sizes and series
Fit Guide

Note: Measure the length around your wrist. If you are in-between sizes, size up!

One Size

watch sizes

38MM Series 3 or lower

40MM Series 4 - 6

41MM Series 7 or higher

42MM Series 3 or lower

44MM Series 4 - 6

45MM Series 7 or higher

Key Features

It's Washable!

We want to keep your wrist feeling fresh and looking cool. If our bands ever get dirty, just throw them in the wash!

It's Stretchy!

Braxley Bands are sure to stay comfy and snug. From intense training to a casual night out - this will be your favorite new watch band.

It's so legit!

Made from our custom elastic and stainless steel adapters - we have been perfecting the Apple Watch Band for the last 7 years, nobody does it like we do.

Return Policy

like sweatpants for
your apple watch
like sweatpants for
your apple watch

Made from premium fabrics, our bands are silky, flexible & breathable.

your band is just as important as your watch
your band is just as important as your watch

Machine Washable

Lightweight Cooling Fabric

Gentle, Snug Fit

Stainless Steel Hardware

Sustainably Made