An Apple Watch band made from a sock?! 

While studying at Texas Tech in 2016, I had an idea to make incredibly comfy Apple Watch bands made from recycled plastic bottles.

The first ones were actually made out of cut-up socks. First assembled in our dorm room, we stayed up all night making bands my Nana's retro sewing machine. They were soon seen around the whole campus.

We crafted and perfected what many claim is the "only Apple Watch band they'll ever wear again." It's washable, breathable, and most of all, it's so dope looking.

We consider our products art pieces. We put meticulous attention to detail in everything we do. 

It has since gotten out of hand... and on 250,000+ wrists!

The class project was in 2016. Cool Apple Watch bands were on my mind. Needless to say, we got to work.

After receiving an innovation award from Texas Tech, we launched Braxley in 2017.

In 2018 we managed to graduate nearly on-time and began building Braxley full time. Dreams pretty much became reality.

In Spring 2019 we pitched Mark Cuban at SXSW and gave him a Braxley band. Some say he hasn't taken it off to this day. I cried.

After that, we partnered with Trees For The Future to build what they call  "Forest Gardens" and to provide funding to plant a fruit tree with every band sold. Ah yes, the classic 1 for 1. We want to do good with Braxley. Truly.

Today, we are more passionate than ever about this little project.

These are more than just watch bands. They're the perfect combination of function and style. Sport your band at the gym or rock it on a night out and always remember to Live Flexibly.

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Be good and enjoy life (hopefully while wearing Braxley!)

Braxton Manley and Zach Manley 

(Yes, we are brothers!)